Campo Santo Stefano

“And in the fluently flapping hand of the native whom you stop to ask for directions, the eye, oblivious to his sputtering A destra, a sinistra, dritto, dritto, readily discerns a fish.” – Joseph Brodsky

What are the things to see:

Santo Stefano’s Church
is a large church at the northern end of the Campo. The magnificent portal by Bartolomeo Bon (XV century).
Works of art: Antonio Canova, Pietro Lombardo, Tullio Lombardo, Tintoretto, Paolo Veneziano, Bartolomeo Vivarini.

stands the monument to Niccolo Tommaseo, hero of the 1848 Uprising Against the Austrians, and the church of Santo Stefano faces onto the square, built Between the fourteenth and the fifteenth centuries.

Down the field, on the left is the “Corte Pisani” where stands the seventeenth-century facade of the Palazzo Pisani, since 1897 the seat of the Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello, the inside is full of courtyards, porches and stairways. On the same side of the field is closed by Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, where is the Istituto Veneto of Sciences, Arts and Letters, for conventions and exhibitions.

At San Marco quarter, one of the large squares in Venice to hold several café tables and children playing football match, Campo Santo Stefano is one of the city’s sunniest spots (it opens to the west), but is at its liveliest in the run-up to Christmas, when a small village of food and crafts stalls is set up here. Bullfights were held here regularly until 22th Febraury 1802, when the collapse of a bank of seats killed a number of spectators and provoked an absolute ban on such events.


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