10° edition of the Venice Boat Show

10° edition of the Venice Boat Show, event of reference for boating of the Northern Adriatic.
New format and two locations in 2011: St. Giuliano Park for small and medium-boating and the Arsenal for great boating.
From 7 to 10 April 2011. Free entrance to St. Giuliano Park. 


A new location that connects land and water, a new format that gives space to all proposal for boats with strong focus on market. Venice presents for 2011 an articulated plan, coordinated with the territory in an international perspective.

The event – which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary – is organized by Expo Venice, leading company for venetian fairs headed by Piergiacomo Ferrari. Curator of the Expo Venice nautical events is Ing. Lorenzo Pollicardo, a well-known international expert of boating.

A careful Market Analysis and a conparison with operators have led to plan an event with two levels of attention: small-medium boating and great boating.

The core of the 2011 edition will be from 7 to 10 April at the St. Giuliano Park, accessible by car and from water, with the unmistakable background of Palaces and Churches of Venice.
The target is to facilitate access to boating, with the promotion of yachting, seaculture and the market in this sector.
In actual fact: a new location easy to reach, with large parking, near to the tollbooth, to the airport, to the train station.
Wide exhibition spaces to allow the widest range of exposure, also to areas that usually have little space such as package and inflatables. The Show is divided into covered exhibition areas (tensile structure), outdoor areas, moorings in water.
Pricing policies are consistent with this line: on the one hand the exhibitors are rewarded with a wide range, on the other hand the entrance for visitors is free.

Passion for boating will be stimulated also with a full program of sports events, managed in coordination with the St. Giuliano Water Polo, reality that joins six active institutions in water sports, from canoe to sail to rowing, with activities for adults and children.

The great boating sector is enhanced with attention to the esclusivity. The project involves the Arsenal, with dedicated quays, lounge and assistance areas.
The connection is guaranteed from St. Giuliano Park with a shuttle which connects the car park to historic dock in 20 minutes.
An exceptional setting for a sected target of exhibitors and visitors with different needs.
Operational agreements with the competent Authorities are under definition.

Besides of water tests which are possible directly from St. Giuliano Park and from the Arsenal during the event, it is in program a dedicated meeting in the following weekend. So contacts with Marina of Jesolo had been initiated.

The project iis shared with local institutions: Veneto Region; Province of Venice, Municipality of Venice, Port Authority, Chamber of Commerce, Confindustria Venezia.
A strong coordination is active with the production reality of sector operating in the area, as first Consorzio Consormare and CNA Venezia, with the shared goal of promoting business development of refitting, maintenance, little shipyard.
To this end a committee about the Boat Show and other events of this sector was created with Consorzio Consormare and experts.
It is a further confirmation of the development of a entrepreneurial and artisan structure that, developed around the shipyard, wants to focus even more in the direction of services addressed to the nautical tourism, service and assistance.
The whole City becomes a pole of attraction for boating lovers from an important basin both national and international.

Venice consolidates with this project the recognition of sector and economic media as well as the economic operators, such as the Boat Show leader in the Adriatic.
After Genoa, undisputed international showcase, one has laid the foundations for the necessary reorganization of Boat Shows in spring , connoting Rome and Venice as events of reference in the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic respectively .

The Expo Venice project for boating is completed with additional events:
Mare Maggio: at the Arsenal, 13 – 15 May 2011 4th edition, dedicated to history and nautical culture, to maritime tradition, to vintage boats, to yacht design.
Pianeta Acqua: at the Arsenal on 9 and 10 June 2011, third edition dedicated to inland waters, waterfront, enviroment. In collaboration with eAmbiente and Centro Internazionale Città d’Acqua.

Expo Venice
website: www.salonenauticodivenezia.com